FUN RUN 2020

FUN RUN 2020 is a virtual Run/Walkathon event to generate awareness and support the cause of helping millions of Distressed Migrants in India, over the last four months, in the aftermath of COVID 19 pandemic. These unprecedented hard times have brought to limelight the horrific realities of Migrant crisis across the country.

We saw millions of Migrants including the elderly, pregnant ladies, lactating mothers, people with disabilities, children and youth walk miles across the country to reach back home.

Now, the informal labour force of the nation is experiencing deep poverty, livelihood and identity issues.

This Run/Walk is an effort to provide them a glimmer of hope in this time of chaos with your participation, contribution and sharing information about the event with family and friends to create awareness.

Let’s make our Run count and our Walk meaningful!!

Event Date: 19 - 20 September 2020

Venue: At your premises (Terrace/Staircase/Corridor/Treadmill/Pavement/Lawn/Park etc.)

Virtual Run/Walkathon is an activity that can be run or walked from any location you choose. You can run, walk or jog on your terrace or compound or on the treadmill, or at park or at the gym, or on the track. And the interesting part is that you can also show any talent that sends a message for the Distressed Migrants and get recognised. All of these activities can be done with your family and friends as well.You get to run your own race, at your own pace, and time it yourself.
Remember to record a less than 1 min video of your activity and upload it on your social media pages and share the link with us in our event page and get a chance to be a winner.
With your participation for a cause, you also create awareness by nominating and motivating people to get involved and spread the word.

Types of Activities

  • Description
    Participate with community, family, friends, colleagues, neighbours etc, with unlimited number of participants. Please follow the guidelines under for registration and participation section.

    Winner Criteria
    Participants registering maximum number of individuals.

  • Description
    This is meant for any Institutions, Companies, Organisations, Clubs etc., with unlimited number of participants. More the number of participants registered per institution, company, organisation, club etc, more the miles run / walked together. (Example: If a college registers 100 students, each student runs / walks for 2Kms. Then the Miles Together activity by the registered college would be 2kms x 100 students = 200 kms).

    Please follow the guidelines under the for registration and participation section.

    Winner Criteria
    Institutions/ Companies/ Organisations/ Clubs etc, that registers the highest number of kilometres.

  • Description
    Participate and show any hobby or talent with a message for the Distressed Migrants. (Example: Draw, paint, sing, dance, write, design, any talent under the sky etc.) You may register solo or as a group.

    Please follow the guidelines under the for registration and participation section.

    Participants who gain the maximum likes + comments + share on video on their Facebook and Instagram account.

    Winner Criteria
    The most popular video . The total of Likes + Comments + Shares of a video on their social media will be calculated.

  • Description
    This activity is for solo participants. Registration amount is equal to the target set for calories burnt. (Example: If a participant registers for 500, then the participant targets to loose 500 calories through any activity and so on)

    Please follow the guidelines under the for registration and participation section.

    Winner Criteria
    Participants who targets to burn maximum calories.

  • Description

    If you are considering a voluntary contribution towards JCI-JRH #V4MIGRANTS Campaign, then you can directly Donate Now.

For Registration
  1. For registration, click on the Take Part tab.
  2. Fill in the particulars required.
  3. Under Types of Activities, select any one desired activity of choice.
  4. Registration will be open from 08 – 20 September 2020, till midnight 11:59 pm (IST).
  5. Nominal registration fees of INR 100/- per person.
  6. Proceed to Pay.
For Participation
  1. Once registered, you will receive an email confirmation.
  2. Record a video of maximum 1 min of the registered activity.
  3. Soon after recording, kindly upload the video on your Facebook and tag @Jesuit Conference of India or on your Instagram and tag with the following hashtags
    #V4MIGRANTS #CareforThem #MakeyourMark
    #Walk4Life #WalkofHope #RunforaCause
  4. The participants are requested to post the link (on the event page) of their video on the event dates 19 – 20 September, 2020
  5. Once the link is submitted on the Event page, you will receive a Certificate of Appreciation on their registered email ID.
  6. Participation is solo or as a group, depending upon the type of activity.

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