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Ecology and Environment

The Jesuits have been progressively engaged in preserving and conserving the ecology and environment through different innovative programmes. These programmes are in research, awareness, campaigns, bio-diversity conservation, natural resource management, renewable energy, preservation of rare and endangered species environment friendly agricultural technologies and practices and eco-spirituality.

Tarumitra, the Eco-Awareness program is spread across 23 states with more than 3,00,000 children as members to spread the message of conserving the environment. Through the ‘Watershed Approach’ an innovative model for soil, water and forest conservation, preservation, re-generation and management, an innovative approach of Social Centre in Maharashtra which was developed 30 years ago, 60100 small and marginal farmers across 51 villages have benefitted. This became a national program and has reached many villages and communities across the states of Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Odisha.




Tarumitra Members


Small and Marginal Farmers


Respect and safeguard our common home Link with education to lessen environmental degradation and the impact of climate change.


 Leave no one behind and attain sustainable livelihoods and lifestyles. Include education in plans to help people fulfill their potential in dignity and equality and in a healthy environment.


Strengthen global solidarity to achieve the SDGs. Ensure adequate financing, policy coherence and multi-sector capacity.


 Live in peaceful, diverse, harmonious societies, free from fear and violence. Maximize education’s potential to foster peaceful, just and inclusive societies.


Transform societies to have sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, and sustainable lifestyles. Utilize education to reduce poverty and stimulate green and inclusive economies.

Eco-Awareness among Children and Community

  • Jesuit Environmental Education
  • Jesuits’ Institutions in many provinces are promoting eco-awareness among children and communities on various themes and issues
  • TARUMITRA is known for its pioneering work in India and globally
  • TARUMITRA has inspired and helped other Provinces to initiate Eco-Education programmes
  • Provinces like Goa, Karnataka, Madurai, Kerala are undertaking similar programmes on eco-awareness
  • TARUMITRA has an outreach of more than 3,00,000 children in 23 states
  • It has developed a unique Bio-Reserve of more than 4500 species
  • Lunched several successful campaigns e.g. save electricity, organic farming

Many Campaigns carried out by TARUMITRA

  • Conservation of Bio-diversity
  • Save Electricity
  • Organic Farming
  • Drink Mineral Water, not Bottled Water
  • E-Autos, not Traditional Autos
  • Waster Re-cycling
  • Solar Panels for electricity: 25 year old system in Tarumitra
  • The sun pumps the water for irrigation in Tarumitra
  • Activities being promoted using Solar Energy
  • Food Processing using renewable energy
  • Sustainable Consumption & Production
  • Points Emerged for Way Forward
  • 275 villages are drought free with “Ridge to Valley” approach
  • 175812 hectares of land treated
  • Increase of green cover on waste lands, Plantations of trees through Eco clubs , watershed development etc.
  • Transforming waste land to cultivable land and
  • Reduction in migration and livelihood promotion among tribes
  • Biogas-Cum toilet construction
  • Promotion of Kitchen gardens
  • Promotion of renewable energy.
  • Compost pits and vermin compost pits, organic farming practice
  • Promotion of 4000 women SHGs
  • Total Population benefited directly: 351624, Indirectly-703248