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We would love to have you with us evangelizing on different aspects of our society to create a humane world.
You can come forward and volunteer with us to take forward the issues we work with in your own way. We work on three broad focus areas throughout South Asia.
These three focus areas are are follows:

  1. We facilitate a non-formal supplementary education program exclusively for the children who are out of a formal schooling system and belongs to the most marginalized.
  2. We provide advanced vocational technical education exclusively targeted towards the youth from the economically weaker sections of the society keeping pace of the skill building scenario of India.
  3. We ensure a sustainable and living globe through our various green interventions like saving energy through greater thrust on renewable energy sources and concentrating on conservation of biosphere.

When you volunteer:

  • You can be story teller – Draft and document stories from ground that shows the impact on nature and life.
  • You can become a social media expert – to promote the multidimensional work happening at different levels on the core issue of education for children, skill development for youth and environment conservation and protection.
  • You can also go for a field trip with – to document the ground breaking work happening at rural level.