Loyola Vocational Institute (LVI), Delhi

Loyola Vocational Institute (LVI), a vocational education partner of the Jesuit Conference of India under “JesuiTec”, established in 1995 by Peter SJ. LVI is located at St. Xavier’s Campus in Rohini, Delhi and facilitates several industries-oriented courses on vocational education for the local youths from marginalized communities residing in the nearby areas. The institute is approved by Government of India is affiliated to National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) since 1996 and currently educates over 450 students, mainly the school dropouts.

LVI offers a diverse set of courses like home sciences, typing, tailoring, personal development, fashion designing, beauty culture, electricians etc. The duration of these courses, varies from six months to a maximum of two years. The students are trained through various ways such as group discussions, seminars, business games, audio-visuals, case studies, research assignments, field visits, production-based practical sessions, industrial visits, educational trip, and other activities in their respective fields.

Programmes of

Loyala Vocational Institute

Skill Training: The Institute imparts job-oriented skill enhancement courses under its flagship programme “JesuiTec”. The youth residing in the nearby communities undertakes these trainings to match the eligibility of the current job market.

Bawana sub-centre

The first sub-centre of LVI was started in 1996 at Bawana. The courses offered in the institute are basic computer skills, Beauty culture, Certificate in computer application (CCA), cutting tailoring and fashion designing. Also, the centre hosts a Balwadi wherein 37 children are currently enrolled in two batches, which are facilitated by four teachers.

Rohini sub-centre


The course offered in this center is stitching and tailoring in order to target the women and make them self-reliant. The sub-centre of Rohini is currently benefitting over 15 women from the nearby communities.

Sankalp – Learning Enhancement Centres: The institute currently undertakes informal classes for 200 children hailing from nearby slum areas in Rohini and Bawana. The classes are conducted in several micro Learning Enhancement Centres under the umbrella program “Sankalp”. Also, Remedial classes are offered to slow learners through 11 coaching centres. These children are mainly studying in nearby government schools. The teachers assigned to this initiative, conduct classes in their own houses or terraces according to the availability of a place.

Balwadi Centres: Balwadi centres are primarily the pre-schools run by the Institute, targeting the children between the age group of three to six years from the nearby slums.            Currently, 162 students attend Balwadi classes in Bawana and J.J. resettlement colony. The children are taught the basics of arithmetic and are trained to develop reading and writing skills. The institution at present holds six Balwadis, four in JJ colony and two in Bawana.

Courses Offered at LVI

Duration : 1 Year; Students : 20-25

A part of the hospitality industry, the course enlightens the students about the art of baking and confectionery. Also, the course focuses on enhancement of soft skills such as creativity and communication skills.

Duration : 1 Year; Students : 55-60

Shorthand is an abbreviated symbolic writing method. The course focuses on the brevity of typing and writing for the students enrolled. One on One practise facility is provided for every student, under direct supervision.

Duration : 1 Year; Students : 20-25

This course enables aspirants to learn various aspects of electricity such as wiring, lighting, installation of electrical appliance and many more. The training focuses on practical knowledge and analysis of the equipments.

Duration : 1 Year; Students : 30-40

The course grooms’ students into developing effective presentation skills, using the right visual aids. The course also helps a student towards personal growth, resulting in better career opportunities.

Duration : 1 Year; Students : 40-45

The course objectifies the identification of the principles of stitching and subjects to gain knowledge of various types of tailoring. The major aspect of this training is to learn the proper techniques of implementation.

Duration : 6 Months; Students : 55-60

The personal grooming course targets to work towards personal development and growth of an individual. Primarily, it focuses on building up the self-confidence, dressing skills, verbal communications, and basic etiquettes.

Duration : 2 Years; Students : 50-60

The course involves the designing of fashion jewellery and the current trends of clothing, both in western and ethnic ways.

Duration : 1 Year; Students : 60-65

The course focuses on the fundamentals of the computer, internet, programming and the learnings of various software applications and hardware appliances.

Duration : 1 Year; Students : 20-25

The course aims at training, basic theories and principles of administration for effective management of public, academic, special libraries and information.


“Loyola Vocational Institute has been imparting skill training to young men and women who can’t afford to do ITI or go for higher studies. Skill training is important because it not only facilitates employment but makes them self-reliant to lead a dignified life. Most of these trainees, after completing their courses start their own business.”

Sebastian Jeerakassery, SJ,
Provincial, Delhi Province

“The aim of LVI is to make students socially productive persons who are not mere job seekers but can find or start a job by themselves.”

Lalita Kumari,
Instructor of Home & Library Science