Today’s adolescents are intensely busy people, with the pressures of school performance, their packed extra‐curricular programmes, finding a place in higher education and this list is non ending. This brings us to an issue, whether they are able to look beyond the expectation of schools, parents, peers? Do they equally well score in Emotional Quotient likewise the Intelligence Quotient? These are few of the questions to which we need to find the answers. New generation is tomorrow’s leaders; they will be the ones to take on their shoulders the responsibility of each one of us and building a society with complete inclusion.

Jesuits have been engaging with young people for more than few decades, through their schools and other education system. We envisage young people not only to achieve great heights in person but also be sensitive to the social issues and act on it.

Adding one more milestone, The Delhi Jesuits Society on 5th March 2020 interacted with St. Xavier’s Sr. Secondary School, Civil Lines, Delhi. It was focused more on sensitizing the youths on the situation of underprivileged children in India, for whom having a school with teachers is a privilege. To this gathering of around 200 students situation of schools was told, why the children dropout from schools at an early age and what is the importance of age appropriate reading material for them.

A small quiz contest was also organized on the developmental issues. Students were quite excited to be a part of this program and hopefully now they will look at social issues with a new perspective.

We strongly believe that this sort of discussions and interactions will help us in building sensitive leaders leading us to building a great nation. Every youth has the ability to do so, we as their parents, teachers, mentors need to guide them to a right path.