On the 8 th December 2020, Friday, Jesuit Conference of India/South Asia, conducted an online training session on Strategic Planning where participants from all over South Asia that is, from various states of India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Pakistan had participated. This training session was in continuation to the previous training which was conducted on Project Management.

The resource person was Mr. Kushal Neogy, who delivered the sessions on various aspects of capacity building like,

  • How to create strategies that are easy to understand, implement and measure.
  • How to identify risks and roadblocks early, thereby save time, resources and costly management errors.
  • How to develop concrete short- and long-term goals in alignment with broader vision and mission.
  • How to identify quick wins while remaining focused on long term sustainability.
  • How to develop key tools to avoid tunnel visions.
  • And the process for rolling out of strategic plan.

The participants were from various provinces of South Asia.

The purpose of the training was to build the capacities for the Jesuits and collaborators which in the coming days would help the organisations create better impact in their development engagements.